Alleviating The Symptoms Of ADHD Through Lucky Charms

The symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD are restlessness, compulsiveness, and inability to concentrate. It disrupts a person’s focus, making him jump from one activity to another. It influences a person’s motor skills thus affecting his daily tasks and relationships. There are some ways you can alleviate the symptoms of ADHD, and among those is the use of “lucky charms.”


A lucky charm is an object which serves as a reminder of faith. It psychologically gives a person courage to face challenges, and it somehow relates to superstition. Superstition is the belief in something that seems irrational, things unexplainable by science or often we refer to as magic, chance, or supernatural.


How To Use A Lucky Charm To Concentrate:

A person with ADHD should continually seek professional opinion to help with his symptoms. The therapists then will prescribe or recommend ways to alleviate the symptoms such as behavioral therapy and medications.

Therapists will also recommend ways to deal with the symptoms such as owning a lucky charm. A lucky charm harnesses all the energy and attention of the person and helps him focus.

For instance, a student has a presentation, and he couldn’t manage to focus on his report because his mind tends to be all over the place. As much as he wants to control his concentration, his condition prevents him from doing so. The use of lucky charm in this situation is beneficial to make him remember all the things he needs to do and to help him avoid unnecessary actions.


He will need to learn to focus on one thing. The technique of using a lucky charm will teach a person to divert his attention to a single object. He will then be able to concentrate on something he gives his attention to, and although the result may not be 100%, it would somehow contribute to the management of the symptom of ADHD that involves concentration.

Using a lucky charm does not depend on the object itself but on the discipline that comes along with it. The person who embraces this ideology will learn self-restraint and patience. It will also divert the attention of the mind to something more than the acts of the malfunction of the brain.

Using this kind of technique may be challenging and risky as it may not work without adequately understanding the process. Lucky charms and other superstitions may not be valid scientifically as it comes from outside forces, but somehow, they are similar to our emotions which cannot be touched but manifests in our actions.

Although there are people who have a condition which makes them function differently such as ADHD, they could still learn to manage it as long as they can comprehend. The learning and discipline might take long, but as long as it works, it is worth a try.

There is no harm in trying different ways of managing ADHD, but it is vital that you hear the opinion of the right people namely doctors and therapists. They are knowledgeable about different kinds of approach on a condition.

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