Drugs vs. Alcohol

What are drugs all about?

Drugs are the chemicals which will change how the person’s body will work. I guess you probably heard about drugs which are bad not only you but for everyone, but why they are considered bad? First of all, before we even get into this article, should you be aware that a friend or family member is taking illegal substances, you are advised to seek help through free online counseling. Let us see below.

Medicines Are Considered Legal Drugs

Any one of us may get sick any time of the day. No one is exempted. In this case, we opt to buy over-the-counter medicine which we know it can cure our sickness. Medicines are considered legal drugs, which means doctors can prescribe any patients who then use the medicine for their health problems. Different stores can also sell it legally to any people who are allowed to purchase it. But what is legal here, is when these kinds of medicines were being sold by people who then selling these medicines illegally.…

Drugs and Your Teen

Teenagers of today are incredibly curious about many things. It is a natural reaction as youngsters grow to experience new things with their peers, which may include smoking, sex, alcohol, and possibly even drugs. They are more on being independent of their parents and like to act as adults even if they are not. When not be guided properly, these youngsters may turn to using drugs which are a detriment to their body’s development. But how do we know that our youngsters are now using drugs? If you are unsure, seek professional help through free online counseling. To help you, below are few signs that your teen is utilizing drugs already:

  1. They constantly need an additional allowance/money.
  2. Displaying dramatic mood swings.
  3. They start escalating physical and or verbal abuse.
  4. They have dilated, red, and/or glossy eyes.
  5. Sometimes decrease and/or increase their appetite.
  6. They change their sleep patterns.
  7. They become withdrawn, experience depression and/or they start to keep secrets.
  8. Creating school problems like failing grades or increases the number of absences and tardiness.
  9. There is a sudden change in their attitude and/or personality.

When these issues and signs will not be addressed immediately and properly, this may cause a serious problem like health, mental, social, and personal problems. And this would result in committing crime, suicide, illicit sex, and other potentially illegal activities that could surely harm them. So, being the parent, what is your obligation?…