Drugs vs. Alcohol

What are drugs all about?

Drugs are the chemicals which will change how the person’s body will work. I guess you probably heard about drugs which are bad not only you but for everyone, but why they are considered bad? First of all, before we even get into this article, should you be aware that a friend or family member is taking illegal substances, you are advised to seek help through free online counseling. Let us see below.

Medicines Are Considered Legal Drugs

Any one of us may get sick any time of the day. No one is exempted. In this case, we opt to buy over-the-counter medicine which we know it can cure our sickness. Medicines are considered legal drugs, which means doctors can prescribe any patients who then use the medicine for their health problems. Different stores can also sell it legally to any people who are allowed to purchase it. But what is legal here, is when these kinds of medicines were being sold by people who then selling these medicines illegally.

What are Illegal Drugs?

When people talk about a person suffering from a “drug problem,” they generally mean abusing any legal drugs and or utilizing illegal drugs, like marijuana, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, crystal meth, and the heroin. (This marijuana is basically an illegal kind of drug, but most of the states allow the doctors to prescribed and recommend it to some adults for a particular illness.) This is when you need to confront someone you love when they are abusing their body and you should seek free online counseling.

Why Are These Illegal Drugs so Dangerous?

Illegal drugs are not good for anyone; therefore, these are particularly very bad for a young one whose body is still growing. Illegal drugs may damage our heart, our brain and also to other significant organs in the body. Cocaine, for example, can cause heart attacks — even in our young ones or teens.

A person who uses illegal drugs may do less and will have low performance in school activities, both sports, and academically. They often think negatively and hardly make decisions. They may sometimes hurt people with no reason or even start hurting themselves as well. Free online counseling can be of good help to anyone involved in a situation like this.

What is alcohol all about?

Alcohol is considered a drug. It is being classified as a depressant, which means that it can slow vital functions which then results in a slurred speech, altered perceptions, unsteady movement, and the inability to react easily. When talking about how it affects the mind, it is understood that alcohol as a drug can reduce ones’ ability to think properly and distorts their judgment.

Though alcohol was classified as a depressant, the type of effect to one’s condition will depend on the amount of alcohol they consume. Most of us will drink for the purpose of having a stimulant effect from beer or of a glass of wine just to feel relaxed. But if they will consume more than what their body can handle, then they will experience the depressant effect of the alcohol. Thus, they will start to feel uneasy and will eventually lose coordination and self-control.We may know that the person is depressed by doing a depression test.

There are several kinds of alcohol. Like an ethyl alcohol or ethanol, this is alcohol used in beverages and it is produced through the fermentation of fruits and grains. Fermenting the chemical process in which yeast will acts upon on certain ingredients found in the food, thus creating alcohol. If you feel that someone you are close to is drinking too much alcohol, you may wish to seek help through free online counseling.

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